low power jammers
Series Jammer: VBE-ODM signal Jammer gadget is an innovative item evolved by our organization in mix with cutting edge innovation at home and abroad, focusing on the consistent advancement of correspondence framework, as per the fastidious improvement of homegrown and unfamiliar correspondence hand segment. Inside a range of 50 to 200 meters, all 2G/3G/4G cell phone¬† https://www.perfectjammer.com/ transmissions and TVs, controller bombs and WiFi signals, impeding eraser, message pen, undetectable earphones, watches cheating, glasses test remote signs, and so on, can be adequately obstructed (disrupted) inside and outside the room. Shut down swindling understudies, guarantee the calm scene, forestall bomb assaults, ensure dignitaries.   Item Function: 1.CDMA 800: 850-894MHz 2.GSM 900: 920-960MHz 3.DCS 1800: 1800-1880MHz 4.PHS 1900: 1900-1990MHz 5.3G 2100(UMTS): 2110-2170MHz 6.WIFI 2.4G Bluetooth: 2400-2500MHz 7.4G/LTE 700M: 720-780MHz 8.4G/LTE 800M: 780-830MHz 9.4G/LTE 2300M: 2320-2400MHz 10.4G Wimax/LTE 2600M: 2620-2690MHz 11.GPS/L1: 1500-1600MHz 12.GPS/L2: 1200-1300MHz 13.GPS/L3: 1300-1400MHz 14.GPS/L4: 1100-1200MHz (Above are some Universal recurrence groups, discretionary four channels) Item Features: Movable power; The fuselage utilizes the aluminum material, the hotness conductivity is great, the hotness dispersal is speedy; Can be utilized ceaselessly, stable work, long life; Constant protecting sign, innocuous to human body; Marks are focused on for protecting and don't slow down different signs. Great waterproof, can be introduced outside; More protected sign sections, can be chosen by client needs; With network control, can be unified checking of different PCs Item Applications: Principally utilized in diagnostic rooms, jails, corner stores, cell phone bombs, oil terminals, LPG stations, detainment focuses, cross examination rooms, courts, Change through-work groups, gathering rooms, cinemas, places of worship, libraries, school quarters; Exceptional security and private events (secret office, arrangement room, versatile vehicles, portable political and business dignitaries watching the scene; A wide range of military locales and other restricted spots to involve portable phones.Portable Drone Defense Device for police application WS-03 Pro is a wave communicating gadget intended to deactivate an automated ethereal vehicle. It can uses radio waves to bring the threatening flying Drones down or get back to the beginning stage yet with next to no harm to them. Highlights With light-weight under 5 kilograms 1.5km powerful distance Standard setup: Two replaceable batteries Two mode choices driving robots to land or get back to its starting place. If the (such as handheld jammers) to blocker signal device(such asWIFI switch, Bluetooth sound gear, and so on), the impact will be poor or even can not jammer. 3.It is illegal to utilize while charging. 4.Do not utilize handheld jammers as work area jammers. 5.Do not use jammers prior to associating the antenna.VBE-ODM

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